Joint Interest Owners

You can view and print all your JIB statements free of charge through

  • Operator Contact – (Operator Contact phone number); located in Header row 4, col 2
  • Statement No – (Invoice Number); located in Header row 7, col 1
  • Owner Number – (Owner Number or Business Assoicate Number (BNA)); located in Header row 8, col 1
  • Remit To - (Operator Contact address/Remit Payment Information); located in Header row 8, col 3
  • RC ID - (Report ID/Cost Center Number (7-CC)); located in Table row 1, col 1
  • Property Description – (Property Description); located in Table row 1, col 2
  • GWI – (Partner's Working Interest); located in Table row 1, col 3
  • Total Amount Due (Your Share) – (Partner's Share of Total); located in Table row 6, col 5


Joint Interest Owner FAQ

Any working interest owner can send written notice to the address illustrated below or call us directly at (661) 412-5856 should you have a question concerning your Joint Interest Billing (JIB) statement or need to change your billing address.

CA Resources Petro Corp – CVO 1
California Joint Interest

900 Old River Road
Bakersfield, CA 93311

Your CRC

Our direct line will get you on your way to the assistance you need.